The ToonZA Origin Story

Thousands of years ago, here at the southernmost tip of Africa, our early human ancestors started daubing comic strips on the walls of caves and carving cartoon characters onto rocks. These were the first ToonZAnians. The craze immediately caught on and spread like wildfire around the world, from ancient Egypt to India, China and Japan, to the jungles of South America, and eventually to Europe, where a chap called Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg (Guteman for short) invented the printing press in 1439.

Since then, comics and cartoons have been taking over the world one brain at a time. Targeting young people of all ages, but honing in on people who can’t stop drawing, the ToonZA Movement is subtly infiltrating receptive brains and converting harmless, compliant citizens into fierce and fearless fighters for the ToonZa cause. 

Comics and cartoons have already taken over most of the major media of the world, from TV to movies to computer games to education. Soon, printed pages with nothing but text on them will be like ancient relics of history. Text-based governments will have collapsed, and comics and cartoons will have replaced all other forms of visual communication. ToonZanians will have taken over all the key positions in science, education, business, government, entertainment, sport and recreation. Comics will rule the world in our lifetime!


Are you ready for this new world? Can you draw yourself, the members of your family, your pets, your house, your favourite possessions, your neighbourhood, your dreams and nightmares? Can you document your life, your rites of passage, your deepest desires, your profoundest epiphanies and greatest ambitions with scintillating visual style and maximum aplomb? In today’s world, in which people are rapidly losing interest in non-illustrated material, this is a vital skill that you can’t do without. You need to get your hand-eye-brain co-ords in perfect synch! You need to be able to draw yourself in 15 seconds! You need to be able to ridicule authority figures and romance your desired ones with canny toons plucked from the ether and laid on a page in the wink of an eye!

In other words, you need ToonZa.

Our motto, A Luta Cartoonua (The Cartoon Struggle) encourages each person to take up the struggle for personal graphic freedom, to rise above the idea that you can’t draw. You can. And ToonZa will show you how. Our hardworking and hilarious workshops will put you in the mood to draw and draw and draw. Once your jokes and stories start pouring from your pen, your life will never be the same again.

The ToonZa revolution has begun.