The Legend of the Stone Ancestors

There was a time in the future – we know not how far hence – when the entire Cape Peninsula burned with a heat so intense that very few living creatures survived; except, of course, the fynbos, which came back stronger and with more extraordinary variation than ever before. The ground was covered in carbon and quotidian human objects, the relics of the Anthropocene, washed up against the stones.

But alongside these terrible consequences, there was one unexpected result: the ancient spirits who had been asleep in these stone edifices for millions of years were awakened by the intense heat. Their time had come. They ripped themselves loose from the ground, and set out into the future. Their Time Had Come!

The Archway at the Gateway to Whenever, 2021. Acrylic on handmade paper, Original available for sale. View gallery for more details.
Valley of the Ancestors, 2021. N.D. Mazin. Charcoal, acrylic and acrylic ink on handmade paper. Original available for sale. View gallery for more details.

More than just an artist group

The Stone Ancestors is a small social group made up of people who love to walk, swim, and draw and paint in Nature. We meet every fortnight during spring and summer for plein air art excursions to nature reserves along the South Peninsula. The Cape Point Nature Reserve is our favourite haunt, especially “The Valley of the Ancestors”, our name for a specific area of the reserve populated by incredible therianthropic stone formations.

The group is named after the mythical beings that we believe to inhabit the land, ancestral spirits which find expression in our art. 

We have many more interesting activities and excursions planned, and enthusiastically welcome new members. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form above if you are interested in joining us. You can also follow our outdoor adventures on Instagram.

Stone Ancestors Plein Air Painting expedition to Tuckers, Cape Point, with Chip Snaddon.