A Powerful Teaching Tool

Comics are an effective and engaging way to communicate information on even the most convoluted topics. The combination of graphics and text use leads to better processing of subjects, and the use of visual narrative radically improves reader retention and provides a means of fostering discussion. Educational comics make subjects like science, history, and social issues more interesting and accessible, and can spark a lifelong interest in the topic. The possibilities are endless!

Carina's Choice: A Boland Story

A comic book created with SATVI, with the support of the Stop TB Partnership Working Group on New Vaccines, to increase community awareness, support and participation in TB vaccine clinical trials taking place in the Boland region of South Africa.


An early experiment in 'micro media' -- small editions of bespoke publications designed for workshop processes -- in which a cartoon narrative was used to facilitate group dialogue to enhance behaviour change in relation to HIV/AIDS.