Pics and banner collab by Bridget Rutter @sweetmiffy.  Sticker co-design and colours by Robyn-Jade Hosking

To say that last Sunday’s paddle out in protest against continued seismic survey applications  was not very well organised, as some people have, is not really fair.  

It was not so much an organised protest as an invitation to all those who love the ocean and  are concerned about ongoing seismic surveys and their impact on our magnificent ocean  creatures to come to the beach and show their support. 



Groovy peeps love saving the whales!

And they did. The weather was perfect, the waves were good, the beach was packed. 

Start of the banner-making all-nighter.

We’d been up all night making our banner, and we had a bunch of stickers to spread  around, so we were amped. 

The sticker. All gone, we’ll make some more!

But when we got there at the appointed time there was no march to join. So we did our  one-banner march and it was fun! Except for one grumpy surf instructor who objected to  me sticker-bombing his car, everybody wanted a sticker and to pose for a pic. So here are a  few pics from the day.  

Start of our one-banner march.
Yay for life! Nay to Fossil Fuel Death and Despoilation!
Surfers Corner icon Gift says yeah!
Desultory podium lecture activism.