ToonZA '22 -
ToonZA is For You!

If you’re one of those people who can’t stop drawing, ToonZA is for you. Our obsession is graphic storytelling, whether for entertainment, education or enlightenment. If you want to draw better, make comics, use words and images to tell stories, ToonZA is for you. 

Our motto, A Luta Cartoonua (The Cartoon Struggle) encourages each person to take up the struggle for personal graphic freedom, to rise above the idea that you can’t draw. You can. And ToonZa will show you how.  Our hardworking and hilarious weekly workshops will put you in the mood to draw and draw and draw. Once your jokes and stories start pouring from your pen, your life will never be the same again. 


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Action-packed Fun & Learning

Our activity-based comic art workshops place an emphasis on collaboration and imaginative problem solving. Effective collaboration, especially between people from different backgrounds, leads to major insights and imaginative leaps that often result in elegant solutions to knotty problems – and great stories!

Aluta Cartoonua

The first edition of the official organ of The ToonZA Movement, featuring comics by the participants of our first ToonZA: The Art of Comics course.