Monster Battle Recap DEC ’21

Covid! Pollution! Evil people!

These were just some of the fiendish monsters that our intrepid ToonZA warriors faced at Monster Battle, ToonZA’s signature fun-tastic, ink-redible, draw-your-own-mini-comic game that was part of the programme of 2021’s Deep South Community Art exhibition.

The three hour workshop flew by! Participants started off with a series of self-portraits to loosen up those drawing muscles and hone their Cartoonist’s Eye, each portrait becoming increasingly simpler and quicker until they could capture their own essence in a mere 15 seconds.

 Then we turned ourselves into superheroes with powers – and costumes! – that matched our passions and personalities. 

But what is a hero without a villain? We took the fate of the world into our own ink-stained hands by identifying and cartoonifying the biggest problems in the world today. Confronted with such hideous villains, there was only one thing for our heroes to do – fight them, ofcourse! Participants teamed up to create mini-comics in the age-old tradition of the fight scene, a battle of brains and brawn, words and weaponry, teeth and tentacles.

 Will our heroes manage to triumph over the monsters of Covid, pollution, and evil people? Follow ToonZA on social media to find out!

Are you a comic-obsessed, out-of-the-box-thinking, can’t-stop-drawing, future ToonZAnian interested in joining the Cartoon Struggle? ToonZA is about to launch a 12-week course at Amava Oluntu in Muizenberg, which will introduce young cartoonists to the theory and practice of making comics. Get in touch with us to find out more!