Andy Mason

The ToonZA Origin Story

Thousands of years ago, here at the southernmost tip of Africa, our early human ancestors started daubing comic strips on the walls of caves and carving cartoon characters onto rocks. These were the first ToonZAnians. The craze immediately caught on and spread like wildfire around the world, from ancient Egypt to India, China and Japan,

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Pics and banner collab by Bridget Rutter @sweetmiffy.  Sticker co-design and colours by Robyn-Jade Hosking To say that last Sunday’s paddle out in protest against continued seismic survey applications  was not very well organised, as some people have, is not really fair.   It was not so much an organised protest as an invitation to


Intersectional Abstractionisticisms: Hommage to the Surrealists

Initially entitled “Last Thoughts of a Dying Dog,” this painting was part of an attempt towork according to the precepts of Surrealism, as elucidated by Sarane Alexandrian, authorof Surrealist Art (World of Art) who was part of the movement:   Instead of teaching a system, the surrealists … set out to liberate the workings of

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An Organisational History Painting: Challenges and Strategies

“Fiction is the only source of truth – the rest is fiction”:  The use of fictionalisation and mild caricature in an organisational history painting  In 2017 I was commissioned by the Durban-based Project Preparation Trust (PPT) to produce a ‘history painting’ commemorating the 25th anniversary of this marvelous developmental organisation. The brief required that the

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Slacktivist Café

Quick coffee, fast food, and even faster eco-politico-emotico ‘slacktivism’ — it’s all here at the Slacktivist Café. Here are some excerpts: If you want proof of why humans will never be able to agree, all you have to do is visit one of the multiple e-petition sites. The things people want to change about the

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A Cartoon Soap Opera

Synopsis Sigmund Froyd, an uber-successful left-leaning dotcom baby boomer, is blackmailed by Y.T. Sharke, the egregious CEO of an evil toxic waste disposal corporation, into a compromising involvement with a dodgy scheme to use the new Secrecy Act to cover up its illegal activities. He escapes with his young P.A., Dot Coza, to a hippy

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