Curriculum Vitae of Andy Mason (N.D. Mazin)

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Andy Mason (nom de plume N.D. Mazin) is a writer/artist, editor, cartoonist, publisher and communications professional with a Masters degree in cultural and media studies and more than 30 years’ experience in South African communications, publishing and campaign work, with a strong emphasis on visual narrative strategies for public education, mainly in the NGO sector.

As co-founder and Creative Director of Artworks Communications (Durban, 1989-2008) and co-founder and Head of the Comic Art Unit of the Centre for Comic, Illustrative and Book Arts (CCIBA) at Stellenbosch University (2009-2015), he has contributed extensively to the development of visual narrative, particularly comic art, as a vehicle for public participation in South Africa.

His numerous publications include academic research papers, educational comics, underground comix, illustrated training manuals, anthologies of political cartooning and graphic literature, and a major historical study of South African comic art. He has organised group exhibitions, colloquia, workshops and public events to promote comic art in South Africa and has participated in a number of international conferences and events. He is particularly interested in problems of race and representation in satirical art and has published internationally on this subject.

In 2008 he relocated from Durban to Muizenberg, Cape Town, where he co-founded the Centre for Comic, Illustrative and Book Arts (CCIBA) at Stellenbosch University and taught a course on Graphic Narrative Studies at the Stellenbosch Academy for Photography and Design. During this period he also provided media consultation services to OneWorld Sustainable Investments, the DG Murray Trust and other clients, and assisted in establishing Cape Town’s first annual comics convention, the Open Book Comics Fest, alongside other cartooning and comic art initiatives, exhibitions and publications.

He has been self-publishing underground comix since the mid-1970s. His self-published anthologies of local comics include PAX: Pre-Azanian Comix 1-6 (Durban Cartoon Project, 1985-7) and Mamba Comix 1-5 (Artworks Communications, 2003-2007), and two editions of GrafLit: Contemporary South African Comic Art (CCIBA/Mamba Media/Youngblood Foundation, 2013-4). He also co-edited (with John Curtis) two anthologies of political cartooning, Don’t Joke! (2009) and Just for Kicks! (Jacana Media, 2010).

As an academic writer Andy has produced a number of journal articles on aspects of South African cartooning and comic art, several of which have been included in international anthologies. His critical history of South African comic art, What’s So Funny? Under the Skin of South African Cartooning (Double Storey Books, Cape Town, 2010) is regarded as the most authoritative work on the subject.

In 2013 he self-published The Legend of Blue Mamba, the first volume of a trilogy of his collected underground comix. The second volume, PreZanian Comix from South Africa’s States of Emergency, 1977-1988, is currently in production

As a curator, Andy has co-curated a number of comic art exhibitions and events, including Co/Mix: Comic Art/Mixed Media (National Arts Festival, Grahamstown, 2011), Co/Mix @ Open Book Literary Festival (Cape Town 2012), and the Open Book Comics Festival (Cape Town, 2013). In 2013 he launched the GrafLit project, a CCIBA project in association with the Youngblood Art Foundation and Mamba Media, assisted by Su Opperman, Roberto Millan, Jean de Wet and Keda Gomes. This intervention has resulted in the publication of two editions of the GrafLit anthology of contemporary South African comic art combined with group exhibitions (Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town, 2013-14) showcasing a new generation of artists working at the interface of cartooning and fine art. These were followed by two group exhibitions, Graphic Radicals at the Cutting Edge of Comic Art at the Alive Café in Muizenberg (2014) and Speechless: South African Comic Artists on the State of the Nation at the Erdmann Contemporary Gallery, Cape Town (2015), both co-curated with Su Opperman, followed by a series of community art exhibitions in Muizenberg in 2017 and 2018.

Andy currently runs a virtual studio project in Cape Town, the Azania Mania Art Kolektiv (AMAK), which provides opportunities for talented young artists and designers to provide specialist services to clients in the civil society, public and private sectors. Since 2012, he has also provided a conference cartooning service for conferences, workshops and scenario exercises, and in 2015 began running ToonZA cartooning workshops for young people of all ages who can’t stop drawing. His latest initiative, ToonStorming, seeks to develop cartoon-based workshop strategies for solving organizational problems and generating new ideas.

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AnyBioPicEducational Qualifications

2004 MA (summa cum laude) (Cultural and Media Studies) University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban

1979 BA (Hons) (cum laude) (English) University of Natal, Durban[/wptab] [wptab name=’Employment’]


2014-2015 Sole proprietor, Azania Mania Art Kolektiv (AMAK), Cape Town

2010-2015 Freelance artist, cartoonist, writer, editor, book designer, publisher, curator and communications consultant, Cape Town

2009-2015 Co-founder and Head of the Comic Art Unit, Centre for Comic Art, Illustration and Book Art (CCIBA), University of Stellenbosch

2011-2013 Lead: Publishing, OneWorld Sustainable Investments, Cape Town

2008-2010 Part-time lecturer in drawing and visual narrative, Stellenbosch Academy of Photography and Design

1989-2007 Co-owner and Creative Director, Artworks Communications (Computer Artwork Services CC), Durban

1987-1989 Sole Proprietor, Tegwen Publications, Durban

1985-1987 Managing Editor, Legal and Academic Textbooks, Butterworth Publishers, Durban

1983-1985 Publication Manager, Indicator Project South Africa, University of Natal, Durban

1982-1983 Assistant Editor, Upbeat magazine, Sached Trust, Johannesburg

1980-1982 Co-owner/Creative Director, The Graphic Equalizer Pre-print Studio, Johannesburg

1979-1980 Trainee Editor and Production Coordinator, Ravan Press, Johannesburg

1978-1979 Graduate Assistant, English Department, University of Natal, Durban.[/wptab] [wptab name=’Honorary’]


2002-2015 Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Comic Art (IJOCA)

2008-2015 Board Member and Head of Comic Art Unit, Centre for Comic Illustrative and Book Arts (CCIBA)[/wptab] [wptab name=’Graphic Docs’]

AnyBioPicGraphic Documentation (‘Naked Cartooning’)

2015 Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative (CABRI), Johannesburg

2014 Innovation Edge, Cape Town

2014 Muizenberg Festival, Cape Town

2014 Standard Bank Africa Indaba, Johannesburg

2014 ICLEI: Local Governments for Sustainability, Cape Town

2013-2014 Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA), Cape Town

2013-2014 Ilifa Labantwana, DG Murray Trust, Cape Town

2013 Standard Bank PBB Indaba, Johannesburg

2012 African Grantmakers Network (AGN) Assembly, Johannesburg[/wptab] [wptab name=’Publications’]

AnyBioPicPublications (Selected)

2015 Illustrator, Street Law South Africa, 3rd Edition, Juta and Co. Ltd., Cape Town.

2015 Managing editor/illustrator: Becoming an Early Learning Facilitator: Learner Guide and Handbook. SmartStart Early Learning NPC, Cape Town.

2014 Writer/editor/illustrator: Civil Society and Local Government: A guide for civil society organisations. Democracy Development Programme (DDP). Durban.

2014 Co-editor/contributor/publisher: GRAFLIT: Urban Interiors. CCIBA/Mamba Media/Youngblood Art Foundation, Cape Town.

2014 Author: ‘The Presidential Penis: Issues of Race and Representation in South African Political Cartooning and Satirical Art’. Representing Multiculturalism in Comics and Graphic Novels. Routledge. London.

2013 Co-editor/contributor/publisher: GrafLit: Graveyard Literature in Black & White. CCIBA/Youngblood Art Foundation. Cape Town.

2013 Author/illustrator/publisher: The Legend of Blue Mamba. PreZanian Comix. Cape Town.

2012 Writer/co-illustrator: Civil Society at the Crossroads. CDRA in association with INTRAC/PRIA. Cape Town.

2012 Managing Editor/co-writer: Women Adapt to Climate Change. OneWorld Sustainable Investments for the SA Department of International Relations and Cooperation. Cape Town.

2011 Author: ‘The Cannibal Ogre and the Rape of Justice: A Contrapuntal View’. Critical African Studies, Issue 4, December 2010 1 ISBN 2040-7211. Edinburgh.

2010 Author: What’s So Funny? Under the Skin of South African Cartooning. Double Storey Books. Cape Town.

2010 Co-editor: Just For Kicks! The Year in Cartoons. Jacana Media in association with CCIBA/ Cape Town.

2009 Co-editor: Don’t Joke! The Year in Cartoons. Jacana Media in association with CCIBA/ Cape Town.

2009 Editor/illustrator: The Barefoot Guide to Organisations and Social Change. Community Development Resource Association (CDRA). Cape Town.

2009 Co-writer/co-illustrator: The Vuka Family Project Community Workbook. HSRC/CHAMPSA. Durban.

2008 Consultant editor: Zapiro: The Mandela Files. Double Storey Books. Cape Town.

2003-7 Editor/publisher/contributor: Mamba Comix 1-5. Durban Cartoon Project (DCP)/Artworks Communications. Durban.

2006 Co-author: ‘Mediating Social Representations Using a Cartoon Narrative in the Context of HIV/AIDS: The AmaQhawe Family Project in South Africa’. Journal of Health Psychology, Vol 11. No. 2, March 2006.

2004 Author: ‘Ten Years After: South African cartooning and the politics of liberation”. In Lent, J. (ed), Cartooning in Africa, Hampton Press. USA.

2002-3 Co-writer/co-illustrator: The AmaQhawe Family Project: Community Workbook, HSRC/CHAMPSA. Durban.

2002 Editor/illustrator: Sex and Risk, Community Mental Health Program, University of Durban-Westville. Durban.

2003 Author: ‘Black & White in Ink: Discourses of Resistance in South African Cartooning’ in Media, Identity and the Public Sphere in Post-Apartheid South Africa, Brill. Leiden/Boston.

1999-2002 Editor/publisher: Study SA: The Guide to South African Universities and Technikons, Artworks Communications/International Education Association of SA (IEASA). Durban.

1995-2002 Editor/publisher: Sex News (Sexual Health for South African Teenagers), Artworks Communications in association with DramAidE/Aticc Pietermaritzburg/Medical Research Council/KZN Cabinet Aids Initiative/KZN Department of Health. Durban.

1992-1994 Editor/publisher: Realtime Magazine, Natal Youth Publishing Project/Artworks Communications. Durban.

1985-7 Editor/publisher/contributor: PAX: Pre-Azanian Comix 1-6. Durban Comix Circle.

1991 Managing editor/cartoonist: Human Rights For All: Education towards a rights culture. Lawyers for Human Rights/David Phillip Publishers. Cape Town.

1987-91 Managing editor/cartoonist: Street Law: Practical Law For South African Students, Books 1-5. Association of Law Societies of SA/Juta & Co. Cape Town.

1981 Co-writer/cartoonist: Vusi Goes back: A Comic about the History of South Africa in People’s Workbook, Environmental & Development Agency (EDA). Johannesburg.

1978-9 Writer/cartoonist: Vittoke in Azania. Dome (University of Natal student newspaper)/Varsity (UCT student newspaper). Durban/Cape Town.[/wptab] [wptab name=’Sport’]

AnyBioPicSporting Achievements

2009 Joint World Record Certificate (World Record Academy): 103 Surfers on a Single Wave, Muizenberg, Cape Town.

Joint World Record Certificate (World Record Academy): 103 Surfers on a Single Wave, Muizenberg, Cape Town.
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