A Cartoon Soap Opera


Sigmund Froyd, an uber-successful left-leaning dotcom baby boomer, is blackmailed by Y.T. Sharke, the egregious CEO of an evil toxic waste disposal corporation, into a compromising involvement with a dodgy scheme to use the new Secrecy Act to cover up its illegal activities.

He escapes with his young P.A., Dot Coza, to a hippy reunion at the remote off-the-grid pad of Moses avid and The Mystic Zelda in deepest Klaarkloof, where he momentarily succeeds in ‘shedding his load’ before catastrophe descends upon him.

Meanwhile, a Galactic Commission of Enquiry into dangerous radiation from a rapidly-overheating Planet Earth has sent a task team to investigate whether global euthanasia is required.

What’s the connection between midlife crisis and geopolitical catastrophe? Is annihilation inevitable, or will we all be saved by enlightened low-carbon sustainable veganism?


Azaniamania is an ongoing comic that looks at the adult lives of the Vittoke in Azania characters who appeared in the student press in the late 1970s.

The first series, which featured the Vittoke family, Blue Mamba, Rasta the Natty Dreadlock Pooc, The Mystic Atman and Compost Mantiss  et al, appeared on www.wavescape.co.za in 2008 and 2009, and was collected in The Legend of Blue Mamba (2013).

The second series, produced in 2012, featured Sigmund Froyd, Moses Avid and The Mystic Zelda from Vittoke in Azania, as well as Poynton Shute and Y.T. Sharke from The Legend of Blue Mamba, and lots of new characters. The series was an attempt to produce a weekly strip that could appear in a local magazine, but there were no takers, so instead it was released on www.africartoons.com.

The strip was discontinued after 9 issues, which were subsequently collected in Graflit: Graveyard Literature in Black & White (2013). These appear below. The rest of the story is yet to be told.