16 Drawings About Gender

A selection of drawings depicting real-life case studies of gender-based violence. All illustrations originally appeared in the legal manual Street Law South Africa (Juta & Co, 2015).

Teenage girls set up a satirical website to humiliate boys.
A man tries to kiss a woman he doesn’t know at a music festival.
A father locks up his daughter and tells her mother she’s run away.
Gay marriages and adoptions have been legal in SA since 2006.
A man who picks up a sex worker is caught in a police trap.
A teenage boy is arrested, charged and beaten up by police.
A lonely old woman has no money and survives on morogo.
A mother and daughter live in a place where there are no men.
A foreign woman applies for a job and is trapped into sex work.
An 18-month girl is abused by her brother and his friend.
Two wives discover their husband’s bigamy.
A drunk man breaks into an old lady’s room and rapes her.
A 55 year-old man offers gifts to a teenage schoolgirl.