ToonZA is a creative collaboration which aims to stimulate and develop graphic storytelling activity amongst young South Africans of all ages. We run activity-based comic art workshops with an emphasis on collaboration and imaginative problem solving. We also provide ToonStorming services, our unique brand of conference cartooning.

Featured Services

Conference Cartooning (ToonStorming)

On-the-spot conceptual graphic documentation of a conference, workshop or brainstorming session.


Animated explainer videos for public education or campaigning, making hard-hitting topics accessible and understandable.

ToonZA Comic Art Training

Collaborative workshops and courses which aim to stimulate and develop graphic storytelling activity.


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About N.D. Mazin

Andy Mason (nom de plume N.D. Mazin) is a writer/artist, editor, cartoonist, publisher and communications professional with a Masters degree in cultural and media studies and more than 30 years’ experience in South African communications, publishing and campaign work, with a strong emphasis on visual narrative strategies for public education, mainly in the NGO sector.


View the gallery page for a curated selection of N.D. Mazin’s paintings and surfboard art.